Breakfast Links

Only caught half of the Falcons/Bengals game last night, but Julio (3 catches, 41 yards) made some nice grabs and Andre had some good blocks to open a few running lanes.

The comparison continues for Julio and AJ

Jerrell had an assist last night.  He’s going to need more tackles to stay on the roster.

JPW was 2 for 3 passing for 5 yards.  Dominique Davis, who is gunning for JPW’s thrid string position, was 11/18 for 121 yards and a TD.  Not looking good for JPW it appears.

No news on Mike Johnson.  I think in preseason, unless you are a superstar, no news is bad news. Unless the news is that your just got cut.  Here’s hoping none of the Bama players get cut.

Bengals news

On the other side of the ball, big Andre Smith looked good in limited action last night. He pushed a few lineman down the field on a couple of plays.  He needs to stay healthly, mean, and lean because this is a contract year for him.

Browns news

Smelley had one catch for nine yards.  But, that catch was on a fourth down and led to a Browns TD.


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