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Tonight is a big night for Alabama football as the Falcons play the Bengals at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.  The game is going to be shown on FOX starting at 7 CT.  It’s  a shame that Dre is out with an injury, but several Bama players will still put in a few minutes of work.

Julio is expected to start, though he is on a snap count. He’s going to be a big challenge for the Bengals secondary, and it would have been extremely exciting to see Julio go up against Dre.  Sadly, it is not to be.  However, the Falcons play, Kansas City(Javy and Menzie), Oakland(Rolando), New Orleans(Marquis Johnson), Arizona(Rashad Johnson), and Tampa Bay(Barron), so Julio is going to be matched up against plenty of his old teammates.   There are also several former Bama players that will battle Julio that never played with him, like Ramzee, Demeco, Roman Harper, and Jarrett Johnson.


It’s not looking good for the rest of the Bama players on the Falcons roster though.  Jerrell looks to be cut before the 53 man roster is set, along with Mike Johnson, and JPW.  With a rough outing last preseason game, JPW has something to prove and will need a good showing for the rest of the preseason if he wants to remain on the roster.  Jerrell has had his moments in practice, but has to show his ability of during the game. He had zero tackles in the first preseason game.



More Falcons news

The Julio/AJ Green debate continues

Julio Jones is quietly dominant

Bengals news


Not much out of Bengals camp. Andre is expected to play, and the folks in Cincy are watching his matchup against DE Ray Edwads, and Dre is still out.


Browns news

The Browns take on the Packers tonight, also at 7.  Trent’s still out, but Smelley has been impressing around camp.

All NFL teams were ranked the other day by  Needless to say they don’t predict a good season for the Browns, “Cleveland’s first touchdown of 2012 was scored by Brad Smelley. If a team’s season outlook was ever reflected by a name …”  Awful depressing, but awful funny.  For those that didn’t see it, here’s a link to Smelley’s TD last week.


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